Wood Shakes Roofing Installation


If you’re trying to weigh the cost of a new roof against the natural aesthetic you want for your residential roofing project, wood shakes may be a good marriage between the two. Wood shakes are split from straight-grained wood that has an uneven, textured surface. This look creates a uniquely modern appearance, perfect for those who prefer a classic, high character for a home made of complementing natural materials. While wood shakes are beautiful, you’ll need to perform routine maintenance and roof repair on your home to preserve its desired appearance and integrity above all else. Here are a few benefits of wood shake roofs to consider.

Effortlessly Rustic

The best feature about a wood shakes roof is the effortless and cost-effective aesthetic it provides. When a new roof installation is all about the design, wood shakes effortlessly pair well with a building made with natural-looking materials, including brickwork, stonework, and wood siding. It exudes a welcoming aura for the home, and as the wood fades over time, the style and character are enhanced. A wood shakes roof is compatible with homeowners and builders focusing on a natural concept for their project. To increase this roof style’s lifespan and appearance, frequent roof inspection and preventive treatments to protect against rot, algae, and wood-attracted pests are recommended.

Uniquely Durable

Depending on the material, wood shakes can protect against UV sunlight and heavy precipitation. They have a higher resistance to wind damage, a common occurrence in shingled roofs of other materials. When made of durable wood like cedar, they can help improve the stability of an entire roof deck installation.


There’s a reason that humans have kept wood around as a house and building material for over a millennium. As a low heat conductor, it’s the best kind of material to prevent heat in your house from leaving when it’s wanted and prevent it from entering from the outside when it’s not.

Get a Roof with Wood Shakes from Unified Roofing

You should have the ideal aesthetic of the roof you want, whether it’s a welcoming woodsy vibe or a historic, distinguished air. Repairing any damaged wood shakes is simple enough if the roof is installed right the first time. If you let us handle the first steps and next steps of maintaining your roof, you’ll be guaranteed quality every time.

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