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Roofing Services

Serving Southern, Northern, & Central Utah (Cedar City, St George, Salt Lake City, & Provo)
Unified Roofing LLC is a residential & commercial contractor, certified to install all types of roofing materials including:

Seamless Rain Gutters

Made from aluminum or copper, these can be seamlessly attached to your roof’s siding to redirect water away from your home.

Unified Roofing can install all types of roofing materials including:


Metal pieces can be connected to create a roof that's both highly resistant to damage and long-lasting.


This classic type of roofing features overlapping sheets of asphalt to create an attractive roof with an airtight, wind-resistant seal.


Commonly seen in Spanish architecture, this type of roofing is common in Southern Utah and is made from overlapping rows of waterproof, clay tiles.

Wood Shakes

Wood shakes are often thicker than shingles, split from straight-grained wood that has an uneven, textured surface.

TPO Low Slope Systems

These weatherproof, flat roofs feature a low slope or degree of incline, contrary to traditional houses with steep slope roofs.

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