TPO Low Slope Roof System


Contrary to traditional houses with steep slope roofs, these flat, weatherproof roofs feature a low slope or degree of incline. Typical of schools, stores, and warehouses, these roofs are generally flat enough to walk on and can be utilized as outdoor space. This roofing style can be encouraged for projects that are leaning toward sheeting instead of shingles as their coverage material of choice, especially if their desired slope is below 8.5 degrees. Like any project, this design comes with its own benefits and a list of recommendations to expand its lifespan.

Low-Slope Roof Benefits

One of the primary benefits of a TPO low-sloping roofing system is the insulation properties. When you have high-sloped ceilings and roofs, more air is trapped in the building, making it more challenging to regulate the building’s overall temperature. With low-sloped roofs, that space is limited, so it’s easier for the home or commercial building to remain at a comfortable temperature. The other key feature is the added space that you get with a low-sloped roof. When safe access is available, you can turn the roof into a high ground patio space or a rooftop garden. It also creates a friendlier installation space for large electronics, immense holiday decorations, or solar panels.

Low-Slope Roof Installation

Whether it’s residential roofing or commercial roofing, choosing a low-slope system for your new roof can be incredibly cost-effective, as fewer materials are required to build it. This benefit may also allow you to choose higher-quality coverage materials for the completed project, increasing the roof’s quality even further. Choosing the right roofing contractors to perform the installation is also imperative to minimize the risk of cracking later.

Low-Slope Roof Maintenance

Low slopes require attention more frequently, due to the increased risk of ice and water sitting on its surface longer than a roof with a higher slope. This wears on the roof over time, so acting to take care of ponding or snow build up right away will help keep your roof in the best condition. Blistering is also a condition to look out for, which happens when water vapor gets trapped under the roofing material and expands under it with high temperatures. Paying attention to this roof style will pay off, and the flat surface creates safer repair conditions for a roof repair company to do their job.

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