Seamless Rain Gutters


Rain gutters are an essential part of your home’s defense against the elements. Typically made from aluminum or copper, a seamless rain gutter will help direct water away from your home when attached to your roof’s siding. As a veteran roof repair company, United Roofing knows that proper gutter installation and services are just as important to help protect your new roof as the material that it’s made of. We have an effective range of gutter services, including gutter installation, cleaning and maintenance, and gutter guard installation.

Gutter Installation

When properly installed, a seamless rain gutter will direct water away from your home before it can cause external damage or a leaking roof. However, if things aren’t installed right, the gutters could cause more damage than they were originally intended to prevent. Pooling water or ice can pull loosely installed gutters away from your home. Downspouts too close to your home can result in water damage to your foundation. Additionally, holes in your gutters may cause water to seep through your roofline every time it rains.

We have over 22 years of experience to get your seamless rain gutter placed right the first time. At Unified Roofing, we also back up our labor and materials with a warranty so you can be confident about our customer service!

Gutter Cleaning & Maintenance

Once your new seamless rain gutter is installed, let us help you maintain it! We recommend that homeowners clean their gutters twice a year to eliminate the debris that builds up during the spring and fall seasons. Putting off proper gutter cleaning can lead to expensive repairs later on, including wet basements and foundational water damage.

Instead of braving the top of a ladder, flushing the gutters out, and scooping leafy muck out by hand, you can let United Roofing take care of your gutters. We have the right tools and knowledge to keep them in great shape.

Gutter Protection & Guards

If you want to secure your rain gutters’ shelf life further, ask us about options to install gutter protection and guards! A proper gutter protection system can save you money and time on deep cleaning. It can also save you the safety hazard that comes with cleaning them out yourself. Gutter protection systems will help keep your gutters free of debris and block damage to the exterior of your home from ice dams and clogs.

The roof over your family’s head is a necessary and worthwhile part of your home investment. Don’t leave its installation, inspection, or maintenance to just anyone. Unified Roofing is a residential and commercial contractor, and we’re certified to install all types of roofing materials. We offer a range of services to give you a roof you can rely on for years to come.

With our vast experience and quality customer service, we strive to make sure you’re satisfied with our professional work. We proudly serve many cities across Southern, Northern, and Central Utah, from St. George to Salt Lake City. Contact us for a free quote for your new seamless rain gutter installation or repair project today!