Right next to the city of St. George, Utah, you’ll find one of the fastest-growing suburbs in southern Utah. Named after the first American president, Washington City, UT, has experienced a period of fantastic growth because of the development of commerce in St. George as well as the surrounding area. Known for low-cost home mortgages and building costs, instant access to gorgeous red rock recreation, and a rich pioneer history, Washington City, Utah, is a wonderful place to call home.

Southern Utah was originally called “Dixie” because of the task that pioneers from the Salt Lake Valley had before them in the late 1800s: grow cotton and provide the textile industry that the parched Utah desert needed to become prosperous. Washington City was founded with a cotton mill constructed right in the heart of the community. Although cotton production in Dixie did not succeed as well as pioneers originally hoped, Washington City and Washington County soon became a high-traffic area for many different industries. Tourists from all across the country flocked to Washington and St. George to visit the beautiful desert trails. Iron mining in Iron County would make its way west to California through Washington City. In turn, Washington City grew orchards of peach, pecan, and pistachio trees that would feed the entire state.

Today, Washington City is a wonderful place to put down roots because of its access to prosperous business in St. George. Real estate in Washington, UT, is booming, and many different home construction companies have risen to meet the demand of incoming residents.

Roof Inspection in Washington, UT

Don’t let the heat of summer beat you down and make your power bill skyrocket; it’s possible that all your comfortable air conditioning is being sapped right out of your roof. Without proper insulation and new roof tiles, you could be looking at hundreds of dollars slipping through the cracks. And this is nothing to say of the rare but powerful rainstorms that can blow through the area. A poorly maintained roof or one getting up there in age can put the rest of the building at risk.
Give the roofing experts at Unified Roofing a call and schedule a roof inspection in Washington, UT, today. We can ensure that the integrity of your roof is ready to take on the high temperatures of summer and all the weather that Southern Utah can throw at it!
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