Home construction today comes with so many different choices and options for roofing materials that it can be difficult to select the right brand with confidence. As experts in roofing repair and installation, we fully endorse the TAMKO Heritage shingles collection for both new roofing projects and replacements due to their durability and style.

Long-Lasting Roof Protection & Style

With more than 75 years of experience as an independent roofing material manufacturer, TAMKO shingles are called America’s Shingles for a reason. Their roofing shingles have proven the test of time. Innovation drives the creation of each new generation of shingles produced by TAMKO, and the Heritage collection is the pinnacle of modern design and function.

If you have lived in Utah for any length of time, you know how much the weather and temperature of Utah can vary and how fast it can change. The dry atmosphere, the low temperatures of winter, and the high heat of summer can cause most shingles to crack unexpectedly. TAMKO shingles are made to endure such dramatic outdoor conditions, standing up to punishment where other brands might fail.

TAMKO Heritage Shingles Frequently Asked Questions

TAMKO Heritage shingles come with a 10-year limited lifetime warranty known as the Full Start™ Period. This non-prorated coverage pays for both labor and materials. While the conditions of each roof installation make it difficult to predict how long each set of shingles will truly last, the average lifespan of a roof before replacement is fifteen to twenty years. Other TAMKO products offer warranties up to 25 years, so comparisons between TAMKO high-quality shingles can be reasonably made.

You may have seen roofs with dark streaks characteristic of mold and algae growth. TAMKO Heritage Shingles are protected with laminated asphalt, making them very resistant to algae, mold, and bacteria that can cause your roof to deteriorate. Traditional shingles are manufactured with less protective materials which can cause such damage. For example, when the limestone granules present in asphalt shingles become exposed, the minerals within supply sustenance for microorganisms to flourish. TAMKO shingles are designed to avoid this.

Absolutely. On top of their strength and high durability, the shingles of the Heritage collection are especially unique due to the long-lasting fastness and quality of their colors. You will love the look of your home whenever you see it, and you will never have to worry about leaks and damage to the structure of your home with TAMKO protection.

Choose Unified Roofing for TAMKO Shingle Installation in Utah

If you are looking to build the homes of your dreams or if it is time to repair or replace the shingles on your roof, call Unified Roofing. With roofing brands like TAMKO, we guarantee you will love the results! Contact our professional roofers in Cedar City, UT, as well as Central and Northern Utah today.