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Serving Southern, Northern, & Central Utah (Cedar City, St George, Salt Lake City, & Provo, and more!)
Unified Roofing LLC is a residential & commercial contractor, certified to install all types of roofing materials. We offer the most reliable services, high-quality materials, and affordable prices across both Northern and Southern Utah. Whether you’re building a new home, constructing a commercial building, or in need of roof repairs, we have the unsurpassed experience needed to get the job done right.

Residential Roofing Services in Cedar City, Utah

Building a custom home or residential development? We’ve got you covered. We offer premiere residential roofing services across Utah, from Cedar City to Salt Lake City, UT. With over 22 years of experience serving Utah residents, we can make the most informed recommendations as to which type of roofing materials will best suit your wants and needs.

For homes in Southern Utah, we typically recommend clay based materials that retract heat. For homes in Northern Utah, we use water resistant materials that will bear the weight of snow and retain heat.

Types of Residential Roofing Materials:


This classic type of residential roofing features overlapping sheets of asphalt that create a roof with an airtight, wind-resistant seal. This type of roofing is most common in residential developments throughout Northern and Central Utah.

Wood Shakes

Wood shakes are often thicker than shingles and are split from straight-grained wood that has an uneven, textured surface. This creates a uniquely modern appearance, perfect for those who prefer the look of wood.


Commonly seen in Spanish architecture throughout California and Southern Utah homes, this type of roofing is made from overlapping rows of waterproof, clay tiles that do well in hot, desert climates.

Commercial Roofing Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Whether you’re building an office space or a commercial building for industrial or retail use, United Roofing LLC has the experience and resources needed to accomplish big jobs in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. With expertise in roofing since 1998, our friendly staff can make recommendations as to which types of materials and designs will best suit your needs depending on what the building will be used for and location.

For large, industrial warehouses and buildings, we recommend a low slope system or single ply roofing. For office or commercial buildings that will be frequently occupied by people, we recommend metal roofing materials.

Types of Commercial Roofing Materials:

Low Slope Systems

Contrary to traditional houses with steep slope roofs, these flat, weatherproof roofs feature a low slope or degree of incline. Typical of schools, stores, warehouses, etc. these roofs are generally flat enough to walk on and can be utilized as outdoor space.


Metal is most often used as the preferred material for commercial buildings. Large pieces can be securely connected to create a roof that's highly resistant to damage and long-lasting. This type of roofing can often be seen in warehouses, shopping malls, barns, etc.

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