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The roof is an integral part of your home or commercial property. Not only should it help keep the temperature inside your home stable and energy-efficient, but it should keep everything you own safe from the elements outside.

After the wind and rain pass after a bad storm, it can be easy to forget to check the condition of your roof. But from the moment a few shingles or tiles come loose or fall off entirely, you give the next storm a chance to soak the structure underneath and cause extensive damage. Don’t wait for the leaks to start dripping before giving Unified Roofing a call! We are expert roofing contractors that will quickly and thoroughly repair the damaged portions of your roof.

Different Types of Roof Damage

The precise definition of “damaging winds” is a wind speed between 50 and 100 miles per hour, which can be devastating to a roof that has begun to show its age. These winds are often caused by the updraft of thunderstorms, which occur more frequently during hot summers. Wind rarely blows uniformly, meaning that different currents of wind collide with each tile from multiple angles. As you might imagine, these updrafts are not kind to tiles and shingles that depend on lying flat.

The most obvious cause of roof damage is from the collision of objects and debris carried on strong winds. Whether these are tree branches, hail, or even the roofing of a neighbor’s home, you will need a reliable roofing company to come fix the damage.

If you do find a leaking roof, there may be a portion of your roof’s underlayment that needs a replacement. No matter the cause, Unified Roofing can fully restore your roof on time and on budget.

Is Roof Repair More Effective Than Roof Replacement?

Unsurprisingly, almost one-half of all home insurance claims come from roof damage. Depending on the quality of your home insurance, you may receive enough to fully restore your roof. But if you find that the payment won’t be enough to cover a new roof, there is no need to fear. Unified Roofing is trained and insured to perform a complete inspection of your damaged roof. More often than not, a roof repair will be just as effective and much less expensive than a complete replacement.

Whether Unified Roofing provided the installation service when the home was built, or your building’s roof is tiled with specific materials, we can match the style and quality of your shingles, tile, or metal.

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