How to Prep for a Roof Replacement: The Outside

A roof replacement can be an expensive and involved process, but it pays off in the long run by increasing the value of your home. It is like a makeover for your home, making it look decades younger. On the day of the roofing replacement, dozens of things can be happening at once. So how do you prepare to make sure everything goes the right way?

We can break down the steps into three major categories: preparing the outside, preparing the inside, and preparing your loved ones. In this blog post, we’ll focus on preparing the outside of the building. Stay tuned for our next blog post about prepping the inside and your family for the roofing work!

Preparing the Yard

You should prepare your yard and the area surrounding your house before a roof replacement for several reasons. Make sure the ground is clean and clear of any debris to give the roofing company room to do their work. A professional company like Unified Roofing will bring tarps to catch all the debris, nails, and shingles that fall during the roof removal and replacement. You’ll want to keep the area clear, so you don’t have to worry about any obstacles interfering with the tarps.

Clear the Driveway

The first step is to get your car out of the way. Ask one of the neighbors if you can park your car in their garage or driveway for a few days. The roofers will need your entire driveway clear so they can move their equipment and trucks in and out. Moving your car is also a good idea because it could get damaged by the falling debris if it’s parked anywhere close to the roof.

Parking your car in your garage may seem like a good solution, but it could cut off your access to your transportation for several days. The insulation on garage roofs is also not as strong as the insulation on the roof of the house, which means debris could fall through onto your car. If this is the case, the paint on your car will sustain scratches when you wipe the dust and debris particles off.

Clear a 15-Foot Radius around the House

Your roofing crew needs to be able to walk around the outside perimeter of the house freely. Clear a 15-foot radius around the house, as this is the range where debris is most likely to fall.

If you have any patio furniture or toys on the deck, it would be best to either bring it inside or put it in storage in the garage, covered with a tarp. Something like a gazebo, that can’t be dismantled and put away, should have the removable parts (like curtains) taken down. Cover the gazebo with a tarp, if possible.

Check Your Garden Landscaping

Remove and store anything from the garden that is likely to get damaged: bird feeders, delicate plants, fountains, birdhouses, wind chimes, mosaic stones, statues, and birdbaths. Anything decorative that isn’t planted in the actual soil can be put in storage.

Mark What You Can’t Remove

Tie brightly colored cloth around all the delicate plants or trees that need extra care. Cover flower beds with tarp or netting. Let the workers know these areas are to be given a wide berth. Mark all sprinklers, water features, protruding stones and borders, and anything embedded in the ground that people are likely to trip over and hurt themselves.

Take Care of Miscellaneous Items

  • Gates. Unlock the gates to give the workers easy access to the area around the house without having to call you each time.
  • Mowing. Mow your lawn a day before the roofing company is scheduled to start so that your grass is short and manageable. Anything that falls in the grass will be easy to spot from far away if the grass is neat.
  • Electricity. Make sure the roofing experts have access to an electrical outlet. A lot of their equipment requires power. If the outdoor power outlet doesn’t work, then keep a window open so you can run the cable through to a wall outlet.
  • Neighbours. Warn your neighbours several days beforehand so they can prepare themselves for the possible noise, dust, and debris. If the houses are close enough, they might want to cover their plants and board up their windows in case something manages to fall over into their yard.

Acing the Roof Replacement

Follow these tips to prepare your property for a smooth roofing replacement. Be sure to check out our next blog about how to prepare your family and the inside of your home for a new roof! For excellent roofing services across Utah, choose to work with Unified Roofing. Contact us to get a free estimate or to get started on your roofing project today.