5 Tips for Maintaining a Flat Roof


When you imagine a rooftop, you might think of something in the shape of a V or that slopes, but many roofs are mostly flat. This roofing style is typical for commercial buildings but is also used for some residential homes. If you have a flat roof, it can pose some challenges if you don’t take care of it properly.

While flat rooftops left to their own devices can lead to roofing damage or other issues, regular maintenance and upkeep will keep your flat roof in good condition and extend its lifespan. The roofing professionals at Unified Roofing recommend following these five tips to maintain your flat roof.

Tip 1: Keep Trees Trimmed Away from the Roof

Trimming branches away from rooftops is vital for all materials and styles, so ensure you regularly address trees growing too close. The branches may scrape along the roof, and the proximity also increases the risk of storm damage issues if part of the tree falls.

Tip 2: Clean the Rooftop Regularly

One key component of regular maintenance is removing leaves, dirt, garbage, and more. The good news here is that flat roofs are simpler to clean up as they are safer to walk on. Since flat roofs don’t have a slope, debris can quickly build up. Just ensure you are being careful not to damage the roof.

Tip 3: Check the Drainage System

Drainage systems such as gutters keep buildings protected from water damage. If there isn’t a property draining system, precipitation can accumulate on the roof. This increases the risks of leaks and mold. So, it’s essential to check that the drainage system is in good condition or request a gutter service from a professional.

Tip 4: Fix Leaks Right Away

While a good gutter or drain system will reduce the risk of water damage, leaks can still happen. If you haven’t recently checked to ensure water isn’t becoming a problem, it’s a good idea to do so now. When you do find leaks, contact a roof repair expert to address them before they lead to significant issues.

Tip 5: Get Routine Roofing Inspections

The final and most effective way to maintain and protect your flat roof is to request routine visits from a roofing contractor. Flat roofs need to be checked on periodically, and it’s difficult to remember or even know what to look for on your own. A roofing expert can visit every six months or so to check for issues such as excess water, holes, and damaged insulation.

Roofing Maintenance and Repairs in Cedar City

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