Will Snow Damage a Flat Roof?

Many people know snow can become a problem on the roof if it accumulates enough. Still, most of these discussions center around sloped roofs. While sloped rooftops are popular for residential homes, many commercial buildings have flat roofs. And, a few homes have them, too.

So, knowing how to handle snow on your flat roof is essential. In this guide from the roofing experts at Unified Roofing, you’ll learn the impacts of snow on a flat roof and get tips on how to prevent roof damage.

Do Flat Roofs Get Snow Damage?

Flat roofs can absolutely get snow damage. In fact, there are many ways that snow build-up can cause roof damage to a flat roof, such as:

  • The build-up of snow can cause sagging or bowing if it gets bad enough
  • The freeze-thaw cycle can cause elements of the roof to expand and break
  • The accumulation of snow and ice can clog gutters and the drainage system
  • The water build-up can lead to water leaks inside the building

For these reasons, it’s vital to protect your flat roof from snow damage through good maintenance.

How to Protect Your Flat Roof from Snow Damage

Roof damage can be costly to repair, and if it gets bad enough, you may need a roof replacement. So it’s crucial to keep your roof secure and prevent snow damage. Overall, these are the best ways to ensure your roof is kept in good shape throughout the winter:

  1. Have your roof inspected annually: A roof inspection from a roofing contractor is the best way to ensure your roof is in good condition.
  2. Ensure the roof is well-insulated: Issues with the insulation can lead to water leaks and more, so have a roofing expert check your attic.
  3. Keep gutters and drainage systems clear: Snow and ice will accumulate if they can’t drain properly. Check that the gutter and drainage elements are in good condition and not clogged.

With proper maintenance and prevention, you can deter most snow damage. And, if you do notice any roofing damage, contact Unified Roofing for repairs.

Request a Roofing Inspection for Your Flat Roof

After a big winter storm, it’s helpful to have your roof inspected for signs of damage. If you’re worried about your flat roof, Unified Roofing is here to help. Give us a call today to request an estimate or a roofing inspection.