How Often to Replace Your Roof

Roofs are the unsung heroes of a building. For homes, roofs protect families and precious belongings with sentimental value. At commercial properties like office buildings and malls, roofs keep the elements out and provide a safe environment for people. Regardless of what type of building the roof is on, you can rest assured that it’s taking on a hard job. Even the best roofs that are well taken care of will need to be replaced one day. But how do you know when that day has come? It’s especially difficult to determine the point where repairs need to be exchanged for a replacement.

Fortunately, our roofing experts have a great deal of experience when it comes to roofing replacements, both for commercial roofing and residential roofing. Here’s how you can know when it’s time to replace your roof.

Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

The type of material that your roof is made of gives you a good idea of how long it will last, but if you’re seeing visible signs of disrepair, then it’s best to get your roof replaced immediately. When it comes to a roof, these things indicate the need for a replacement.

Here are the basics:

  • Broken shingles
  • Rot
  • Cracks
  • Holes

By the time you can see these with the naked eye, it’s typically too late for maintenance and repairs. A professional will be able to tell you if your roof can be salvaged, but a roof replacement is likely your only option.

When Should I Replace My Roof?

The underlying structure of the roof is built to last, but the covering is what needs maintenance and replacement. How often it needs replacing depends on the material used and the weather conditions it has to bear. Very harsh conditions, intense heat and cold, and a lot of rain will do more damage than mild weather.

Here is a rough estimate of how often different materials will have to be replaced:

  • Rubber roofing lasts about 30 to 50 years
  • Tile roofing lasts about 15 to 30 years
  • Wood shingles last about 20 to 25 years
  • Concrete roofing lasts about 30 to 50 years
  • Metal roofing lasts about 50 to 75 years
  • Composition shingles last about 12 to 20 years
  • Asphalt shingles last about 15 to 30 years

Based on these estimates and the weather in your area, you can make a rough guess of how often you should replace your roof. Also bear in mind that proper and timely maintenance will add several years to your roof life, no matter what the material.

How to Add Years to Your Roof

Inspect Everything

The roof should be examined regularly to catch signs of damage and decay that can be fixed before they get much worse. A professional roofing company can do a thorough inspection and identify the problem areas. The roof should be inspected every six months to make sure everything is in good condition.

Clean Your Gutters

It’s all interconnected: choked gutters lead to water pooling on your roof, which leads to rot and damage. The water that pours down the side of your house will cause seepage in the walls and foundation, destabilizing the structural integrity of your house. Make sure your gutters are clean and blockage-free all year round.

Proper Landscaping

Landscaping includes pruning your trees and plants. Large branches can be blown by strong winds and scrape against the roof. They can cause damage to the singles, breaking many in the process, and forcing you to replace your roof sooner than you expected.

Call in the Experts

When you feel it’s time to replace the roof, or if you’re still not sure if your roof needs a replacement, call in the experts and ask them for their opinion. A professional eye can quickly assess the damage and come up with a plan to ensure your roof is in good shape. Contact our roofing company at Unified Roofing today!