8 Factors to the Cost of a New Roof

Whether you’re renovating or fixing weather damage, you may be interested in finding how much it costs and what factors into the total costs. This article will give you a glimpse into your contractor’s brain, so you can see how these calculations work.


This is a bit of an obvious one. The more expensive the material you choose, like heavier clay tiles, the higher it will drive up the costs of the overall project. But it’s not just the material that will be visible on top, like the shingles, but also the underlayment that goes underneath.


This is another of the more obvious ones. How many workers are needed for a job will depend on both the size of the job and how many people the company has to spare. It will also factor in the costs of the actual hours spent working and the type of work, like cutting and assembling.

Dumping Fees

When you’re getting a new roof installed, the first step is to get rid of the old one and dump it. Dumping has to be done a particular way so that it doesn’t harm the environment and isn’t an eyesore. This costs time and effort.


Depending on the kind of project you’re undertaking, you might have to get certain permits, which require paperwork and fees. These will be added to your overall cost as well.


Every business factors in a percentage of their overhead costs into each project they undertake. Overhead is the cost of operating a business, such as power and water bills, rent, office supplies, and insurance.


Whenever a company offers a warranty on any product, they end up having to pay out at least a fraction of the time. This cost is also budgeted into the overall project cost.

Roof Size and Project Complexity

The size of the roof and how intricate and involved the project is will drive up costs. Most of the company’s employees can handle simple roofing, but a more complicated project will need an expert who charges more for their time.

Pitch and Slope

The more sloped the roof is, the more dangerous a job will be, making it more expensive. If you are considering switching from a flat roof to a pitched one, there are the costs of eaves and rafters to consider as well.

Get a New Roof Today

When considering a roof replacement, know that the estimate covers more than just the materials and labor. To ensure that you’re getting the best roof for your money, always hire a professional roofing company that has great reviews. Do your research before settling on a contractor. You want your new roof to last for a few years, so choose a reputable company that is known for their work. Get in touch with us at Unified Roofing for a free quote today!