10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Company

A sound, well-constructed roof is vital for your safety and sense of security in your home. So, when you have roofing problems, you want to find a reliable Utah roofer that you can trust. Roofing services can be dangerous and complicated, so you need to know you’re hiring a company with a good track record that covers all the legal bases.

An excellent way to find a roofing contractor you can count on is to ask them these ten questions.

Asking The Right Questions To A Roofing Company

It’s understandable if you’re unsure what you even need to know about roofing installation and repair. Luckily, this guide can help you ask these questions over the phone or online.

1. What insurance do you have?

A reputable roofing contractor will have both workers’ compensation and liability insurance. If they don’t have these, you and the workers might not be protected if an injury occurs on your property.

2. What is your physical address?

It’s safest to go with a roofing company with a physical location they can give you. If they only have a P.O box, this could be a red flag.

3. Is the company licensed?

You’ll want to find out if the company has the necessary legal licenses for the state. To be sure, you can quickly look up the requirements for your area.

4. What is your warranty policy?

You’ll want to know the warranty if you’re hiring a company for a roof installation. This will vary from company to company.

5. How much experience do you have?

Experience in the roofing business is essential. They’re more likely to offer high-quality services if they’ve been in business for many years.

6. Do you have examples of your work or referrals?

A well-established company doesn’t always mean the best company. It’s good to be extra diligent by asking for pictures of their previous work or even looking up online reviews.

7. Do you use subcontractors?

Some roofing companies contract out their work to others. You’ll want to know if this is the case so you can vet the subcontractors.

8. Will you provide an estimate in writing?

When getting roofing repairs, installation, or any other service, you want to know the general price. A written estimate helps you out, so you aren’t taken advantage of when it’s time to pay.

9. Will you do your best to finish the project on time?

Any construction project can have obstacles or emergencies come up, including weather or unexpected damage. But, you’ll want to know if the roofing company has an overall plan to stay on time as much as possible.

10. Where will you keep the garbage container?

For most roofing jobs, a large container is necessary to collect debris. You’ll want to know where they’ll put this bin in your yard and also ask how they’ll protect your yard from damage.

If you’re looking for local roofing services in Utah, Unified Roofing is happy to answer these questions and any others. We have 22 years of experience and take great pride in offering roofing services of the highest quality. Call today to learn more.